Not everyone knows Asheboro like the back of their hand. That’s why it’s helpful to have a navigation system built into your car’s dashboard.

If you’re wondering which Nissan Rogue models are available with navigation, you’re welcome to visit us at Asheboro Nissan. Keep reading to learn more about the Nissan Navigation System and why it makes the Rogue an even better companion on any road.

Nissan Navigation System Available on New Rogue

NissanConnect with Navigation works through a 7” color touch-screen display on your dashboard. You can enter your destination with either the touchscreen or by pressing the voice button on the steering wheel and stating where you want to go.

The visual display is clear and vibrant, so you can glance at it to see where you’re going before setting your eyes back on the road. You’ll also get audio queues when it’s time to take the next turn.

This service is powered by Google Points of Interest, so you can say the address of where you’re heading, or you can name a business or service you’re looking for. For example, if you say “gas station,” you’ll be directed to the nearest option.

If you’re making the most of your Rogue’s infotainment features, you can also rely on SiriusXM® Traffic and Weather alerts to keep you up to date on road conditions. Stay in the know so you can reroute yourself around heavy traffic or closed roads.

Which Nissan Rogue Trim is Available with Navigation?

NissanConnect with Navigation is a standard feature on the Rogue SL Platinum, and it’s also available as an option on the Rogue SV.

NissanConnect also gives you the chance to experience your favorite apps on the go, offering support for Pandora, Google Search, iHeartRadio, and Facebook.

If you want to learn more about how the technology in the Nissan Rogue can help you while you’re out and about, visit Asheboro Nissan. You can schedule a test drive online and then meet one of our sales associates at our store. The two of you will go for a spin around the neighborhood while answering all your questions.

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