Updated: 2/28/2018

Starting at a low MSRP, the all-terrain 2017 Nissan Rogue for sale in Asheboro features an intuitive All-Wheel Drive (AWD) LOCK system designed to keep you safe, secure, and stabilized. Off-road adventure in a crossover SUV means you can take more friends and family anywhere you want to gono matter what conditions you’re driving in.

Read on to find out what makes the 2017 Nissan Rogue’s AWD LOCK a unique and innovative feature.

Using the Nissan Rogue AWD LOCK

AWD LOCK Benefits

Nissan’s AWD system is a recent innovation that brings the power and stability of FWD trucks to smaller, more compact vehicles and crossovers like the 2017 Nissan Rogue.

AWD features are typically on all the time and are extremely useful in slippery conditions and on unpaved or unfinished roads. This functionality gives the crossover more access to rugged terrain and areas with spotty weather.

How the AWD LOCK Works

Located on the lower side of the instrument panel, the 2017 Nissan Rogue’s AWD LOCK is a low-speed regulator button that locks all four of the Rogue’s wheels for better traction off-road, in snow, or on sand. It does this by splitting half the power to the front and half to the rear at speeds up to 18 MPH. When approaching speeds of 20 MPH, the AWD LOCK turns off but diverts most of the power to the front tires until more slippage is registered.

How to Activate the AWD LOCK

  1. Press the AWD LOCK button to switch from AUTO to LOCK.
  2. In LOCK mode, the AWD LOCK indicator light will come on.
  3. In AUTO mode, the AWD LOCK light will turn off.

The AWD AUTO mode works best for driving on unpaved or slippery roads, and the LOCK mode is ideal for driving on rough terrain. If you operate the AWD LOCK while accelerating or decelerating, a jolt is normal.

Always read your Nissan manual before operating your vehicle in rough terrain. The AWD is a high-performance feature that lets you operate safely in any condition. Don’t limit your fun to sunny days and paved roadsgo wherever your desire takes you.

Drive to Adventure with a Nissan Rogue in Asheboro, NC

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