What Can the Nissan Altima’s Zero Gravity Seats Do For My Back?

Your body slumps when the muscles in your back get tired. This slump causes your spine to bend. This bending of your spine then puts pressure on the lower back. So, how do you escape this endless cycle of muscle fatigue and spinal bending?



Why zero gravity?

Zero Gravity seating replicates the neutral posture of astronauts in space. The weightlessness of space allows the human body to assume a neutral spine posture.

This neutral spinal posture is where the least amount of stress is placed on our bones and joints. A natural, ergonomically designed seat will help maximize blood flow and keep your energy levels up.

Nissan’s Zero Gravity solution

The unique shape and patented structure of Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats gives you continuous support. This support extends from your hips all the way to your shoulders.

Zero gravity seats are built with 14 different pressure points. These pressure points put your body in a neutral position. This prevents the natural slump of your body.

What Separates Nissan’s Zero Gravity Seats from the Rest?

Science and research are what separates Nissan’s Zero gravity seats from seats in other cars. The Altima’s seats were developed by working alongside Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University. These seats have gone through extensive testing using a driving simulator, real-world long distance and overnight evaluations, and biomechanical analysis.

In-depth research

Seating analysis was performed by using a seat simulator and a model of the musculoskeletal system. The result is an intimate knowledge of the bearing capacity for every body part. The benefit for you is a surface shape that reduces the load to the smallest amount on your muscles and spine.

Zero Gravity seats at Asheboro Nissan

Zero Gravity seats were first offered on the 2013 Nissan Altima. They are now available on the following models:

  • 2015/2016 Rogue
  • 2015 Altima
  • 2015 Murano
  • 2016 Maxima
  • 2016 Titan

Experience the Nissan Altima’s Zero Gravity seats for yourself by scheduling a test drive at Asheboro Nissan. You can also check out our inventory of new and certified pre-owned Nissan models at Asheboro Nissan for Zero Gravity seats on select vehicles.