How To Fix a Used Nissan Sentra That Won’t Start

Updated: 2/28/2018 The aerodynamic exterior, technology features, and superior performance of the Nissan Sentra make both new and used models an incredible value. Even the best cars will run into trouble every now and again, though. If your used Sentra… Continue Reading →

3 DIY Car Maintenance Tasks

Many people look at car maintenance as a task only befitting a trained, certified mechanic. This is an important misconception to break because simple steps to maintain your car are the most important to keep it running optimally. We wanted… Continue Reading →

Regular Oil Changes Extend the Life of Your Car’s Engine

Oil changes do not tend to be a task of car maintenance that is high up on the priority list. It is easy to overlook and forget, especially when there aren’t that many obvious, urgent signs, like your car making… Continue Reading →

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