To test how the Nissan Rogue performs on snow and ice, it was taken to the racetrack with the most extreme winter weather conditions in the world: The Mecaglisse Motorsport Park in Quebec, Canada.

This short video shows the Nissan Rogue taming the track with its all-wheel drive system. The Rogue makes quick work of the testy conditions, carving its way around icy turns, maintaining control on downhill slopes, and collecting rave reviews.

If the Rogue can handle a Canadian winter, it can handle anything. So how is it done?

Intuitive All-Wheel Drive

A traditional all-wheel drive system simply operates all four wheels at once. But the Rogue doesn’t just spin its tires. The intuitive AWD system in the Nissan Rogue can sense if you are cruising or cornering or if a loss of traction is occurring under any particular tire. It then adjusts its torque distribution accordingly.

Active Ride Control

If the Rogue encounters a bump in the road — such as something buried under the snow — Active Ride Control automatically applies the brakes and adjusts engine torque to soften the impact for passengers and help the driver stay comfortably in command.

Active Trace Control

When cornering, Active Trace Control engages the appropriate inner or outer brakes to maximize the line and negate sliding and drifting on icy roads.

Active Engine Braking

As you brake, Active Engine Braking makes the appropriate adjustment to the torque to help slow the vehicle in a more controlled manner and make stopping in snowy conditions safer and more effective.

Nissan Rogues for Sale

As evidenced in the above video, the Nissan Rogue works magic in the snow. And by loading it up with the available all-season low-rolling resistance tires and all-season floor mats, the Rogue is a winter wonderland.
Browse our inventory of available Nissan Rogues. To take a test drive, come to Asheboro Nissan on Dixie Drive. You don’t have to wait for the next snowfall, but it won’t make a difference if you do.