Nissan is dedicated to the safety of you and your passengers, which is why you can find innovative safety features on new Nissan models. Together, Nissan Safety Shield® 360, Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and Zone Body Construction offer a three-pronged approach to keeping you safe. This is your guide to what these systems do for you.

How Your Nissan Keeps You Safe


The systems available with Nissan Safety Shield® 360 expand your awareness of everything around your vehicle. Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection gives both audio and visual alerts to prevent imminent collisions and can even activate the brakes when necessary. The safety shield also includes Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning to keep you in your lane and alert you of a vehicle you could have overlooked in your blind spot. Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Automatic Braking monitor your backside to guard against a rear collision. Nissan Safety Shield® 360 is standard in the Rogue, Leaf, and Altima models.


Integrated technology from Nissan Intelligent Mobility connects you with the world outside your Nissan, bringing you better control and safety while you drive. Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, for example, monitors two cars ahead to alert you of when you should slow down and increase your distance from the cars in front of you. It looks ahead in ways you cannot. Intelligent Lane Intervention and Backup Intervention work similarly, applying the brakes to avoid collisions the systems detect. These systems keep you where you need to be, helping you maintain control.


Nissan advanced safety technologies continue with Zone Body Construction, which absorbs impact when a crash is unavoidable, all while an advanced airbag system protects passengers. The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) can help you stay in control by preventing wheel lockup, so that you can steer through the obstacles ahead. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) helps maintain traction in slippery conditions. Nissan prioritizes these features because crashes do happen, but your vehicle can provide you with preventive measures to mitigate the effects of a crash and keep you and your passengers safe.

Find Nissan Models With These Features in Asheboro, NC

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