In the world of trucks, most people are automatically drawn to American-sounding makes. But Nissan trucks are quickly catching up to the usual suspects. Though they’re from a longstanding Japanese automaker, these Nissan trucks are assembled in the USA, and use many all-American parts.

This year’s Nissan trucks are full of new innovations that will challenge the traditional truck market. With innovative bed features and even more options than before, new truck buyers should be paying close attention to the newest pickups from Nissan.

Below, we’ll highlight the specific capabilities for each of Nissan’s trucks. First, we’ll look at the Titan and the Titan XD. After that, we’ll discuss what makes the Frontier an excellent truck for all truck lovers.

Nissan Titan: Delivering Power at a Surprising Price Point

The Titan is Nissan’s biggest truck model. It was introduced in 2004, but the 2017 model has seen major changes. All these changes create a smooth ride that’s easy to handle. And all that comfort comes without any sacrifices to the powerful performance truck owners expect.

Trucks owners are notoriously hard to satisfy with their many different demands. The Nissan Titan does a great job delivering power, mileage, and a great drive. It tows up to 9,390 lbs. and delivers nearly 400 lb.-ft. of torque. Considering the sticker, that’s power at a value you can’t beat with another truck maker. This blend of performance and affordability make the Titan a great option for new truck buyers.

Nissan Titan XD towing a trailer

People looking for even more impressive performance should take a look at the Titan XD. This model brings all the powerful options of the Titan with more of a punch. It tows up to 12,310 lbs. and has a torque of up to 555 lb.-ft. All this capacity comes wrapped in a more robust trim that looks as powerful as the engine feels.

Nissan Frontier: Taking Excellence Off-Road

The Frontier is Nissan’s mid-size truck model. It’s known for its outstanding off-road experience and a strong V6 engine. But aside from being capable of anything you could want in a truck, the Frontier also comes with innovative bed features. Such bed features from earlier models of the Frontier are now commonplace in competitors’ models as well.

Red Nissan Frontier pickup truck offroad

The Frontier does everything you ask for in a truck, towing up to 6,500 pounds and delivering a torque of up to 281 lb.-ft. But it will outclass any of its competitors when the ground gets shaky. Take the Nissan off the road, and it will exceed any expectations and leave those “traditional” truck brands in the dust.

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