One of the most uncomfortable feelings is when you try to escape the intense summer heat by getting into your car and discovering that it is sweltering inside. Given how intense this recent summer has been, it’s safe to say that many people have recently found themselves becoming victims to hot car interiors. Fortunately, there is an alternative for keeping your car cool besides leaving the air conditioner running non-stop. Read on to learn more.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

If you have to park your car for a long time in this summer heat, follow these tips to help keep it cool.

Crack your windows slightly

Most of the time, cars feel so hot because of the sun shining through the windows. That hot air is trapped with no way to escape, leading to a sweltering car by the time you come back. Cracking your windows, even slightly, can prevent this. If you notice that it is about to rain, make sure there is something, such as a visor, preventing water from entering in the cracks in your windows.

Park in the shade

Scan the parking lot for potential shady spots. Keep in mind that shade can shift throughout the day due to the sun’s positioning. See if you can find a spot under a large tree or on the side of a building that is mostly out of the sun during the day.

Use a sunshade

You can purchase shades to place on your windows or windshield to help deflect the sunlight. They may not seem like much, but simply blocking the sun from entering your windows can have a dramatic impact on the interior temperature.

Cover your steering wheel with a towel

Your steering wheel can become extremely hot in the summer, and it can lead to a nasty surprise when you touch it after a long day in the sun. Cover your steering wheel with a hand towel to reduce the amount of sunlight it absorbs. 

Keep Your Car Cool by Having It Serviced at Asheboro Nissan

You can keep your car cool this summer by making sure the air conditioner is functioning properly. Bring your car in for service at Asheboro Nissan so that the expert technicians in our award-winning service center can take a look under the hood.