Updated: 2/28/2018

The aerodynamic exterior, technology features, and superior performance of the Nissan Sentra make both new and used models an incredible value. Even the best cars will run into trouble every now and again, though.

If your used Sentra isn’t starting, here are several possible causes and some steps you can take to getting it on the road again.

Why Isn’t My Used Nissan Sentra Starting?

As with any car, there are several reasons your Sentra might not start. What your car does when you turn your key or push your start button can provide clues about the possible causes of a no-start.

The Engine Doesn’t Crank

This means that nothing happens at all when you try to start your car. This typically points to some sort of electrical problem.

Battery Issues

This is the first step in a car that won’t start. This might mean your battery is ready to be retired, or you drained the battery by accident by leaving some electrical component on in the car. The battery can even drain due to inactivity.

The quickest solution here is to jump your battery. If the battery is still good, it will begin to recharge itself. If jumping the car doesn’t work, you probably need to retire your battery.

Connection Issues

Poor connection of electrical components may also result in a no-start. The most likely culprit here is corrosion of the battery terminals. This can be a relatively easy fix if you have the right tools on hand.

You can also check for connectivity issues going to or from the starter.

Be careful about any electrical issue, as dealing with them can be dangerous. If you’re ever unsure, bring your car in for service at Asheboro Nissan.

Oil Around Distributor

Because the Sentra has an optical timing sensor, oil build up around the distributor can cause the signal to get blocked, keeping the car from starting. If you notice a buildup of oily sludge at the bottom of your distributor, you should bring your car in to get it looked at.

Other possibilities

Your Sentra requires you to be in the park position for the car to start. If the park/neutral switch is not in the right place, the car will not start. Try starting your car from neutral (with the brake depressed), and see if this resolves the issue.

Issues with the starter or solenoid plunger can result in a no-start, too. If the car clicks when you try to start it, it’s worth investigating. Drop your Sentra off at Asheboro Nissan to get these parts checked out.

Engine Cranks, But Won’t Turn Over

If your engine won’t turn over, that signals a mechanical issue. This is more likely to require assistance from a mechanic or technician.

No Fuel

This may seem obvious, but if your engine won’t turn over, getting it to start may be as simple as adding more fuel. Low fuel can also result in issues with the fuel pump, causing the car to overheat and not start.

A clogged fuel system can also keep fuel from reaching the engine. Replacing the dirty fuel filter is a good solution to this problem.

No Spark

Your car needs a spark to start, and if it isn’t getting one, you might need to replace the ignition coil or spark plugs. If you’ve noticed your engine acting up prior to not starting, that could be a clue that your ignition system has failed.

Other Issues

A wide variety of other issues could result in a no-start. We have listed the most common ones, but if you still experience issues with your Sentra, or you just want to avoid the hassle of fixing the car yourself, the service department at Asheboro Nissan provides superior service on all Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Check out our current service coupons for savings on the service or parts that you need, and schedule an appointment today. Your car will thank you for it.