You could say that Nissan wrote the book on creativity in the automotive industry.

The founder of Nissan Design International, Jerry Hirshberg, wrote a book about the subject in 1999 called The Creative Priority: Putting Innovation to Work in Your Business. The book details Hirshberg’s experience as an automotive innovator and his strategy for designing a business around creativity.

That strategy has proved fruitful for Nissan, which has earned a reputation for its innovation and creativity. The Japanese automaker was even named one of the world’s most innovative companies. See why below.

Car Design Excellence: Examples of Nissan’s Brilliance

The Nissan Innovation Garage invited people to submit their most innovative ideas for a chance to see how those ideas would change the world through an alternative universe. Two winners were awarded $50,000 grants, a Nissan Altima, and help with launching a crowdfunding effort to support their idea.

In celebration of Star Wars, Nissan asked people to design a Star Wars-inspired Nissan vehicle. The grand prize winner will actually have their concept car built for them. But it won’t be a first for Nissan. The company already built one of its Rogues in honor of the newest Star Wars movie.

The San Diego office of Nissan Design America used a bunny, “Bunz,” to stimulate creativity and inspiration.

As a sponsor of Champions League soccer, Nissan combined its innovation with that of the sport for a series of trick shot videos featuring Nissan’s design engineers with top soccer players from around the world. Nissan even outfitted several of its vehicles with the ability to kick a soccer ball and played a match with them. The model that was used was of course: the Nissan Kicks.

Nissan teamed with a town in Japan to use used batteries from its Leaf electric car in the town’s streetlights.  

Nissan’s eye for innovation — and other’s eyes for Nissan’s work — has spanned the globe. The company has even been named one of Australia’s most innovative companies. And this innovation can be seen not only in the company’s marketing and public relations efforts but in the design of its vehicles.

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